There are no talents; just experience. (week 7)

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You want to be a writer. But the words you put on the page don’t seem to do the justice to the thoughts that were in your head. You probably think that you lack talent. But there is no such thing, all you lack is practice. The Problem. Surprisingly, many people who want to become writers […]

Read, every chance you get. (Week 6)

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If you want to be a writer, you must read. You could do it for pleasure or research. But most importantly, to improve you writing. I had a classmate in college, who said he did not read because he wanted to retain his originality. After hearing that, I started reading even more because I realized […]

Must have software for writers. (week 5)

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Is there a software that every writer must have? Wouldn’t any old word-processor be a perfect software for writers? Because if you think about it, writers were doing just fine even before computers were invented. So are we spoiled or are we spending all this time looking for a perfect software because we like to […]

August Word Count

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It’s now a month since I started writing every day. It was not easy, but I was able to persevere and keep going forward. Because of that I was able to write 26,639 words and hope to write even more the next month. I am also grateful to r/writing community for their feedback, support, and upvotes, […]

Start Writing Right Away, Every Time (Week 4)

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Have you ever wasted hours at the computer to write few words? Did you stare at a blank screen trying to organize thoughts in your head? Maybe you even tried to outline a chapter in your head! Only, to get to some trivial prop that shows up and you know nothing about how it works. […]

5 Strategies to Write Every Day! (Week 2)

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Last week I talked a little about myself, my awful writing habits and how I was going to change them. My biggest issue back then was not writing. So, I set a goal to write 500 words per day. First two weeks were exhausting. My body had nausea-like reaction to writing, but today I feel […]