About me, my awful writing habits, and how I intend to change them. (Week 1)

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Hello. My name is Artem, and I’m 25 years old.

I hated writing, because I was not good at it, and still am not.

You see, I came to the United States in 2003; went to 8th grade without being able to say or write a word of English.

Although, I learned to speak English within one year, I was unable to truly appreciate writing until I almost graduated college. Thats when I took a required, creative writing course and a small part of my brain fell in love with the craft. While, at the same time, a much bigger part of my brain fell in love with telling me that my writing is bad because I missed so much, that I’m way too old to become a writer, and that I should give up. Sadly, the bigger part has been winning so far, because I haven’t written anything to show for.
Feeling like if I don’t start now I never will, I decided to start a blog and write about my troubles and find solutions. So if you want to become a writer, but haven’t published a single work yet then I think we can work together.

To get started I identified 3 BIG PROBLEMS facing my writer’s life, and came up with 3 BIG SOLUTIONS.

1. Not writing is my first problem. I know, this is simply pathetic. How can anyone become a writer if they don’t actually write? Well, I don’t, at least not consistently, and I feel like I am not alone, because writing is freaking scary! So, to get started I figured I will write EVERY DAY 500 words. To me it does not sound too bad, and once I get used to it I will increase the word count.

2. Working on more then one project at the time is my second problem. I always start multiple writing projects, multiple online courses, and multiple TV shows at the same time. Which is why I haven finished a single story. By now you probably are thinking that this blog might be just another evil plot my brain has hatched to keep me away from writing. I am thinking that too, but at least I am writing something. Anyways, from now on I will only stick to one project at a time and this blog.

3. Trying to write things I have no chance of completing is my third problem. When I took Writing Workshop we were asked to either write a short story or a chapter of a much longer work. I wrote first chapter of a novel, then I did it again for a different novel, and then again over, and over. I think I started like eight novels by now. Anyways, my point is I will try writing until I publish only short stories, then novelettes, followed by a novella, once I published those I will take on a novel.

Tell me why you want to write fiction?
What is that is stopping you from writing?
Do you agree with the solutions I came up with to my 3 BIG PROBLEMS?



6 Responses to "About me, my awful writing habits, and how I intend to change them. (Week 1)"
  1. Hey Artem,
    I found this through Reddit and I’m doing a challenge in August to Keep Writing Every day as well as promoting my writing more. I was in your same position in November 2012 and I just started writing for 30 Days. I’m now at more than 1,000 days in a row.

    We’re doing a challenge in August, come join us! Personal Experiment Challenge August 2015.

  2. Sandrine Piou says:


    I found your blog in reddit and I can say I really look like you.
    I can add a 4th problem for me : spend hour to find the best program to write in !
    Thanks for this article. I will read the other !

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