5 Strategies to Write Every Day! (Week 2)

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Last week I talked a little about myself, my awful writing habits and how I was going to change them.

My biggest issue back then was not writing.

So, I set a goal to write 500 words per day.

First two weeks were exhausting. My body had nausea-like reaction to writing, but today I feel a lot better. Plus, when I look back I can see 7,087 words that would not be here if I did not keep hammering away. Yes, most of those 7k words are crap. But, if I sit down tomorrow and start digging through them I am pretty sure I will find a few gems.

Writing every day is the key-strategy of all successful writers, but you have to have the right daily strategy in order to keep writing consistently. Pick the wrong one and you might end up not wanting to write ever again. I know I did.

5 Ways to Write Every Day. Listed in order of increased difficulty.

note: Any of the following strategies could be used for any writing project; some strategies are naturally better then other for certain projects.

1. Write X Words Every Day. This is a simple strategy that works well for amateur writers like me. It’s important to start with a small word count of ~500 words per day or less, and slowly increase the count as you get more comfortable with it.

This strategy is best for people who looking to improve their writing in general.


2. Write X Minutes/Hours Every Day. This strategy is for those who have the discipline to write non-stop for a duration of time. (It won’t work if you set the time and then spend that 30 minutes checking your phone.) That’s why you should create a writing schedule, just like your work schedule. Tell everyone about it, so that they won’t bother you while you write.

[Try this: Set google timer for 10 minutes, then write as fast as you can, without stopping, until the timer hits zero. As you get better increase the amount of time on the timer.]


3. Write 1 Blog Post Per Day. Another reason why I stopped writing was because I was self-conscious about my writing. I mean, look at all the grammatical errors, I really should to do something about them.

Writing blogs, especially 1 every day, can help you chip away at the fear. This strategy is especially effective for those writers who want to write non-fiction. If you want to write fiction, like I do, I recommend writing at least one blog post per week and the rest into your journal.

[Check this out: 1000 blog post in 1000 days.]


4. Write 1 Short-Story Per Week. (If you are a non-fiction writer then write one article per week.) This strategy is great if your writing is already decent and you have the discipline to write consistently, because if you don’t then pick one of the previous strategies until you do.
When you ready then write one short story per week for a year, because as Ray Bradbury said it “isn’t possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.

[I also HIGHLY recommend you buy a book on how to properly compose short-stories, because if you try to figure out how to write them on your own then your stories will turn out boring or pretentious.]


5. Write X Pages Every Day. This strategy is perfect for those who have a clear vision of where their longer piece of writing is going. It’s also a strategy Stephen King talks about in his book On Writing. He claims to write 10 pages per day for 3 months until his novel is done, because if he don’t then he begins to loose interest in the story.

I think he is right, because I started countless novels and now I have no interest in them. But, this strategy requires extraordinary discipline , skill, and talent. I only recommend it after you mastered the previous four.

I know that’s what I will be doing.


6. Word count-down. This strategy comes from a reddit user chilari. The idea behind this this one is to set an X word goal and then chip away at that goal at every day. So, you might set a 1,000,000 word goal, like chilari did, and then write as many words as you can each day; recording the word count in a spreadsheet. This strategy is perfect for those who do not want the pressure of a daily word-count, but do want some type of word goal to strive for.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Now, leave a comment or answer one of the questions below.

Do you write every day? If you don’t then you really should! If you do, then which of the above strategies do you use to get your writing done?

Did I miss a strategy that you would like me to add to this article? Please let me know and I will add it and link the credit to your blog.


Thank you for reading, come back next week to talk about: The best time to write.

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