Start Writing Right Away, Every Time (Week 4)

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Have you ever wasted hours at the computer to write few words?
Did you stare at a blank screen trying to organize thoughts in your head?
Maybe you even tried to outline a chapter in your head!
Only, to get to some trivial prop that shows up and you know nothing about how it works.
So, you have to go on the internet and waste hours on research and it ends up not even being important.

That’s basically how my writing routine went on for a while.

But, last week I was able to double my word count by simply outlining and researching outside of my writing time.


This month, I learned a lot and I shared what I learned here as well as r/writing.

My goals were humble: write 500 words per day.
At first, I could barely do it. That’s how rusty I was.
But today, I can write 1,500 words in less time it took me to write 500 words just a month ago.
And more importantly, I’m actually having fun!

To achieve this personal milestone, I would like to credit 3 factors.
1. Writing Consistently.
2. Writing in the morning.
3. Not planning or researching while writing.



4 fatal mistakes that will grind writing to a halt.

1. Not knowing what to write.
One month ago when I decided write 500 words per day I didn’t have a writing project. So, I had a particularly hard time completing my writing goals. I highly recommend you spend some time to make a detailed plan/outline of what you will be writing about.

2. Perfecting thoughts in your head.
Trying to make things sound right in your head or even one sentence at the time is a waste of time! Since you won’t know how the first sentence will sound until you write the second sentence, nor will you know how it will sound as a part of a paragraph. For all you know, you could be wasting time on sentences you will end up cutting anyways.

3. Excessive planning right before writing.
I think that I was planning things in my head because I was afraid that once I put words on paper others will be able to see how stupid I am. I stopped doing that because I won’t be able to improve if I don’t write.

4. Writing about the thing you don’t know.
This is a huge waste of time, particularly because it can lead to a never-ending research frenzy.

4 habits that will blast your words count into the stratosphere.

1. Keep a journal.
I know, this has been said to death.
But this whole time I was using the freaking journal wrong.
Don’t use the journal to remembering your ideas, use it to forget them until you need them. This will keep them nice and fresh.

2. Expand ideas.
Turn your ideas into outlines, preferably somewhere during the day. Then, when you sit down to write you can actually write.

3. Set a timer.
Check out what Pomodoro Technique. It’s very cheesy and sales-persony, but the timer’s ticking actually helped me concentrate

4. Write what you know.
It’s very tempting to research something when you should be writing. But, until you are done you won’t know if that thing you spent an hour researching is even important. So just make a note, to look it up later, and keep writing.


I hope that after reading this post you consider spending your valuable writing-time doing just that, writing.

Now, leave me a comment. I would like to know if you were having similar problems and how you would deal with them?



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